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Data-Driven Press Release Distribution

Whether you're announcing a new CEO, product, earnings report, or even a new office dog, your story matters to us. We will get your story to thousands of engaged readers every time at a fraction of Newswire costs, guaranteed.

So how does it work?

1. Send us your Press release

2. Tell us your target reader

3. define your budget

that's it,

we take it from there

We promote your story as Sponsored Content on social media. Targeting only your exact audience. 

Users who click to Learn More are directed to a high impact format of your Press Release we call a "Driver".

press to zoom

press to zoom

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Mobile Press Release

Then you sit back and relax while watching it all happen in our real time dashboard.

our clients

Projected Results

Enter Your Budget

No Word Count Fees

It's your story, you should be able to tell it how you want.

No Image or video fees

This isn't the 50's, images and video are a must if you want someones attention.

any geo for the same price

*As long as it's on Earth

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