quick-read, media-rich STORIES

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Products & Promotions

New Campaigns
Highlight new campaigns, spokespeople and creatives.
Teasers for contests & promotions
Service Launches
Highlight key features for new service offerings
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Product Launches
Embed images, videos & product highlights
Drive Sales
Promote products, services & special offers
Celebrity Endorsements
Create an immersive multimedia story with videos, images and calls to action.
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Public Relations & Investor Relations

Press Releases
Tell a more visual story to grab a larger audience
Press Releases
Embed photos & video to highlight your news
Press Releases
A more versatile format for social sharing & mobile engagement
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Investor Relations
Use for your earnings, research reports,
company highlights & more
Product launches, press materials, interactive demos & more
Partnerships & strategic alliances
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White papers & reports

Research Reports
Highlight white papers, research and other long-form content
CSR Reports
Highlight Corporate Social Responsibility and other long-form reports
Thought Leadership
Capture more leads with highlights of your white papers and studies
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trade shows & events