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Here’s how to get noticed by your overwhelmed trade show audiences

Micro-Targeting for PR, Marketing & Social

Trade shows create a unique environment for you to effectively reach your partners, customers, reporters and analysts. They’ve all gathered in one spot to learn, evaluate, report on and make purchase decisions.

On-The-Fly Influence

The content that impacts them comes from you, your competitors, and a wide range of influencers. To break through, you need to reach them wherever and whenever you can. A single point of contact via email or a press release isn’t enough. They increasingly gather and update their schedules and decisions on the fly, on mobile, and often on the show floor.

30 Years

As the founders of NewsDriver, Peter Brand and I each draw on more than 30 years of event marketing and content distribution experience to help exhibitors better engage and better measure success. Peter founded VPO, a digital pioneer in the trade show content space that was later acquired by Cision. Tom founded the trade show division at Business Wire, which grew to manage hundreds of event newsrooms.

A Fresh Approach

With NewsDriver, we set out to address the content needs and targeting opportunities of today’s mobile-social world. We make content work smarter and influence longer through our unique AI platform.

We’re able to quickly identify and build app-like stories that engage better on small screens with more visuals and interactivity that is all measurable. We target using paid social media to reach audiences where they are increasingly influenced. And we customize audience reach precisely to the needs of each exhibitor for each show.

Better still, we target your audiences wherever they are, and optimize for whichever screen they are using - and during the show, that usually means on mobile. We also reach them over an extended period of time - since one-and-done engagement typically doesn’t make the impact you desire.

More Refined Throughout your campaign, our targeting gets smarter and more refined, as we measure and report back to you, tracking impressions and reads, audience demographics, geographic performance and other KPIs that align with both public relations and marketing.

Let’s Talk

Contact us for a personalized content strategy consultation: or +1-973-960-1374. Keep the conversation going with me on twitter @becktold.

Ready to Go?

Visit our Event Briefs page or get started with your show content.

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